Innovation and Quality are Our Hallmarks

Our jointing system is unsurpassed and provides immense strength and durability. Interlocking sections prevent wind and water ingress and allow rain to flow freely away from the exterior.

Our buildings are always breaking new ground, as new ideas and applications arise. Fortunately, our years of experience have never let us down when creating something unique.

A common problem is that our clients need space, yet their neighbours would object to a tall building next door. The end result was a really large space, without having to compromise on functionality.

If you cannot go UP you just have to go DOWN, as in this example. We were able to overcome objections by placing almost a third of the space below ground level, ensuring that ground moisture would not become a problem and cladding the interior walls to match the remaining structure.

Every Practical Application

Frequently, other practical requirements arise, such as shelving, cupboards and even restroom areas. Whatever the application, we can provide a complete and highly flexible personal service.

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