Just Add Imagination

Nordic Log Chalets are builders of bespoke wooden building for a wide variety of uses. Whether you are looking to create a garden office, workshop, fitness room or additional accommodation we will create it for you from the ground up.

A Small Business with Big Ideas

The business started out over a decade ago building bespoke garden sheds for people wanting something a little different to the standard stock lines of other companies. Since then we have moved gradually into larger and larger constructions, to serve an ever wider range of uses. You will get an idea of the diverse range of builds we have created on our gallery page.

From the Small to the Very Large

Nordic Log Chalets have created a wide range of wooden building over many years, from garden features such as gazebos, to sports pavillions. Whatever your vision we can build it for you, just give us a call and we will be only too pleased to be of help.

What Will Yours Be?

We offer a truly comprehensive service from our Buckinghamshire based workshops and travel throughout the Southern half of the country creating quality constructions, with a fine eye for detail. In addition to the outer shell, we have skilled carpenters that can create internal fixtures and fittings, so you can really turn your ideas into reality.

Ask and we will build it for you!

Because our wooden buildings are bespoke, it is impossible to give any list prices. However, you will be amazed just how inexpensive it is to add a space to your home, when compared with all the alternatives.

What we can do, is give some examples of the very many and diverse kinds of construction we have been commissioned to create over the years. Some examples can be seen below.

wooden buildings for leisure


Our summerhouses will really enhance your garden and give you somewhere to relax regardless of the weather.

Perhaps you will use it as a storage area too, for all those sunny day garden accessories. We can create storage too, so that you can hide it away when it isn’t wanted, but have it ‘on-hand’ when you need it.

wooden buildings for business

Wooden Buildings For Business

Our bespoke timber buildings are as unique as you are!

If you need a space, whatever the application, we have the solution to your problem. Who knows? You may even find an application we have not thought of yet!

We like to think we are a friendly company, always prepared to go the ‘final mile’, luckily our customers seem to feel the same way.

wooden buildings for storage

Big Storage

Have you a house-full of ‘stuff’? The kind of thing that is just too good to take to the local tip, yet you keep moving it to and fro trying to find a better home for it?

You are not alone! These days everyone has something that takes up space and just needs a ‘somewhere’. If this resonates with you, all is not lost, we can build you some amazing storage, in a size that suits your property.

Miscellaneous wooden buildings

Man's Best Friend

Your best friends may be chickens, a faithful hound or even a falabella pony. Whatever the case, Britain is not always the best climate for keeping animals outside.

When you are faced with such a problem we have the answer, we could even build a playhouse for your children (not pictured) so you can get some peace and quiet knowing they are happily playing and creating fantasy worlds.